Prevencio is Revolutionizing Blood Tests For Cardiovascular Disease —

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) kills more people each year than all forms of cancers combined.


ER visits for

Chest Pain

Chest Pain Cases Found to be Cardiac-Unrelated

Annual Number of Inpatient Cardiac Caths in U.S.

Needless Cardiac Catheterizations Every Year

Emergency Room

There are more than 8 million emergency room (ER) visits annually in the U.S. for chest pain.

Physician Office

Ninety two million U.S. adults are living with some form of cardiovascular disease or the after-effects of stroke.   

Clinical Trials

More than 250,000 Clinical trials were registered in 2018.

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"There is a huge unmet need to accurately diagnose the presence of cardiovascular and peripheral arterial diseases. Though single biomarker tests have helped to refine diagnosis and prognosis, it is clear the future will be with a multiple biomarker approach supported by cutting-edge machine learning. The data generated using Prevencio HART tests show clear evidence that we can better diagnose and risk stratify cardiovascular events (CVE; Inclusive of heart attack, stroke, and death), coronary artery disease (CAD), peripheral artery disease (PAD), aortic stenosis (AS) and amputation (AMP) risk and Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). These tests could initiate therapy and lifestyle change earlier, possibly prevent complications such as heart attacks, and with earlier and more effective treatment simultaneously improve patient quality of life. In addition to the opportunity for more appropriate care of patients, we believe HART tests could benefit cardiac clinical trials by saving time and thereby lowering overall trial costs."

”Although we have a few single biomarkers for use in the emergency department, the development of a multi-analyte diagnostic test incorporating clinical patient variables and algorithmic analysis would be invaluable and represents a

game-changer for clinical medicine.”

"Single protein tests, specifically troponin and BNP, revolutionized patient care but, due to the multifactorial issues related to cardiac disease, single protein kits have inherent limitations.”


“With increased understanding of the human plasma proteome, I am excited to support Prevencio in developing a multi-analyte algorithmic analyses protein test which has the potential to surpass the clinical value of any single analyte cardiac biomarker test.”

James Januzzi, MD, FACC

Cardiac Biomarker & Guidelines

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Frank Peacock, MD

Emergency Medicine Cardiac Biomarker Key Opinion Leader

Alan Maisel, MD
Cardiac Biomarker 
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