Why use HART Biomarker Test Panels for Research Use?


• HART Tests can be used in phase IV Drug/Device trials on pre-/post-drug or device comparisons to confirm clinical efficacy of treatment.


• HART Tests can aid in understanding the diagnosis, progression, regression, prediction, or outcome of treatment and bring personalized medicine into clinical studies.

• HART Tests can be used for "Early" Drug/Device Development to Identify and Screen target populations.

• HART Tests can assess potential for anticipated and unanticipated effects/toxicity.

• HART Tests can be used as a guide for assessing the tolerance of ascending doses of a drug.

Examples of Research Use Applications of Prevencio HART Tests

Assessment of pre-drug effects for Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) regression

Assessment of pre-drug/post-drug effects for Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) regression

Identify patients at highest risk for Major Adverse Cardiovascular Event (MACE) from baseline

Identify patients that have severe Aortic Stenosis with/without symptoms

Use as companion diagnostic for drugs with Amputation risk. Also to detect whether the number of patients at risk for an Amputation at baseline in a treatment arm was greater than the placebo arm